Ottonomy raises US$3.3m and unveils latest delivery robot

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Delivery robot manufacturer Ottonomy has secured US$3.3m (£2.7m) in funding and has previewed its latest model of delivery robot.

“If you think about door-to-door delivery retail, that’s a minimal use case,” said Ritukar Vijay, co-founder and CEO of Ottonomy.

“That doesn’t resonate or connect with the large corporate population where these [robots]can get inside the facility.

“They need to be inside the facility or store itself.”

Ottonomy has been piloting robot deliveries to curb-side customers and those in campuses and airports. In particular, the airport-based deliveries posed challenges for the robots’ manoeuvrability.

The most recent model, Ottobot 2.0, reportedly features increased mobility and what the company calls ‘crab mode’, which is the ability to travel horizontally while continuing forward.

The new bot also features modular and customisable cabins, which the company suggests could suit the needs of some delivery partners.

With this latest funding round, the total raised by Ottonomy has increased to US$4.8m (£3.9m).

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