Spot to scan UK construction sites following Trimble partnership

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The use of autonomous robots in construction will be advanced by a new strategic alliance between laser scanner company Trimble and Boston Dynamics, developer of rough terrain robot Spot.

The partnership will integrate construction data collection technology with the four-legged Spot platform. According to Trimble, by adding its GNSS laser sensors and field control software to Spot, it can complete site scans, surveying and progress monitoring in dynamic and potentially unsafe environments.

Trimble’s data collection sensors and field control software are integrated with rough terrain robot Spot

Furthermore, project managers will get a clear picture of a job-site and project progression as Trimble’s construction collaboration platforms provide a continuous flow of information between field and office with the robot providing accurate, scalable and rapid data acquisition.

Martin Holmgren, general manager, building field solutions at Trimble, said: “Robots will play a crucial role in automated construction workflows and can augment the human workforce by handling dirty, dull and dangerous tasks.

“Our experience with early adopters like Mortenson gave us visibility into the transformative potential of an integrated solution that seamlessly marries a world-class robot with construction-specific sensors and workflows. We’re excited about this alliance and the potential to bring unprecedented improvements in safety, quality and productivity to our construction customers.”

Trials of the integrated solution are currently underway in the USA. The solution is expected to be made available on UK construction sites by the second quarter of 2021, as well as in the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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