Beyon3D to launch robotics manufacturing technology worldwide

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Beyon3D, an Israeli robotics startup, has announced plans to roll out its manufacturing technology for the construction sector across Europe, the USA and Canada, following a US$12.4m (£9m) investment in the company.

Beyon3D will leverage its recent joint venture with Ciment, a subsidiary of Israel Shipyards Industries, and an Israeli manufacturer and supplier of cement products.

“The company is primed to take an important step toward realising its vision of revolutionising the construction sector and the way we build,” said Ran Berman, CEO of Beyon3D.

“In the coming years, the company’s groundbreaking manufacturing system will spearhead the transformation of conventional manufacturing processes.”

Following 10 years of R&D, Beyon3d completed its digital manufacturing system, developing a complete solution from design to manufacturing of concrete building products.

The system, which is designed to “fill a gap in the prefab construct industry”, includes custom software and hardware tools combined with tailor-made materials.

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