OnRobot debuts cobot monitoring software

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OnRobot has launched its first remote monitoring and diagnostics software for collaborative applications.

The production monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics solution, WebLytics, is designed to enhance productivity and minimise downtime.  

Capable of monitoring the performance of multiple collaborative applications simultaneously and in real-time, WebLytics gathers equipment data from both robots and tools and transforms it into easy-to-understand, visualised device and application-level intelligence.

“The launch of WebLytics is an important landmark for OnRobot, our customers, and our global integrator network,” said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot.

“WebLytics is the first software solution to provide real-time, application-focused data for collaborative applications across major robot brands. As our first software product, WebLytics marks the beginning of OnRobot’s journey into robot software and completes our vision of providing a One Stop Shop for collaborative applications on both the hardware and software side.”

For end-users and integrators, WebLytics eliminates manual data collection and provides actionable insights into how well a collaborative application is performing. It also offers live device diagnostics, alerts and preventive maintenance measures to keep costly robot cell downtime to a minimum.

Furthermore, by integrating the globally recognised overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) industry standard, WebLytics can identify trends in real-time in the robot cell, including patterns, peaks, and disturbances in application productivity.

OEE measures the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive – a score of 100% indicates that the collaborative application is producing only good parts, as fast as possible, and with no downtime. Leveraging these OEE measures, WebLytics can determine whether the manufacturing process is running at optimal speed and can monitor and analyse the quality of application cycles.

WebLytics can also report on utilisation of the robot arm and OnRobot tools such as grippers, vision cameras, and sensors. It can also report on the number of safety stops initiated, and the number of grip cycles performed while an application is running.

When changes are made to a robot cell, such as adjusting the speed of a robot or the settings on a gripper, WebLytics can automatically report on the impact of those changes on application performance.

If anomalies occur in the collaborative application after deployment, WebLytics enables users to analyse the data collected directly from the robot and tools and report on its findings using customisable dashboards.

WebLytics is available worldwide now via a subscription.

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