Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots create robotics dispenser

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Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots have entered into a partnership to develop a dispensing solution for collaborative robots (cobots).  

The two Copenhagen-based companies said the dispensers are electronically controlled and deliver fluids with high repeatability for better quality control.

Additionally, the dispensing solution for cobot use is now part of the Kassow Robots ecosystem. “Innovation is crucial to us, also when it comes to our network. This electronically based robotic dispenser by Aim Robotics offers great advantages to our customers,” said Dieter Pletscher, sales manager at Kassow Robots

“High repeatability and quality control help companies automate their dispensing application very efficiently and effectively.”

The partnership has created a dispensing system for cobot use

Aim Robotics has developed a software tool and four patent-pending units that are electronically controlled, achieving higher repeatability and quality control in production, reducing costs by eliminating waste, rework, and maintenance on compressors. Under the motto “Plug & Dispense”, the dispensing units have been designed to be  integrated with cobots.

Mie Haraldsted, co-founder of Aim Robotics is looking forward to the cooperation, she said: “For us, Kassow Robots is the perfect fit, as their 7-axis cobots make the automation of dispensing tasks significantly easier due to the 7th axis and the high reach up to 1,800mm.”

According to Haraldsted, Aim Robotics – like Kassow Robots – believe in ease of use and simplicity when it comes to the setup and installation of units. Partnering with a company that shares the same values “allows us to provide the best value to existing customers”, she added.

Aim Robotics delivered the world’s first Air-Less robotic cartridge dispenser, followed by the SD 20/55 – a 30cc and 55cc Syringe Dispenser that uses a linear motion system to dispense fluids precisely, and FD HighV – an external fed, high volume dispenser. With Kassow more dispensing tasks are simpler thanks to the 7th axis and reach.

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