Wales’ Evolve Raybotix supplies Italian disinfection robots to tackle Covid-19

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Swansea-based Evolve Raybotix has announced the UK supply of Italian-built automated robots that use UV light to disinfect businesses such as clinics, schools, hotels, cinemas and sports centres.

The technology has been developed in Italy by parent company Autognity, which specialises in AI and industrial automation, to battle coronavirus.

According to Evolve Raybotix, the robots combine UV-C light and an ozone-generating function to kill 99.9% of microorganisms on surfaces by destroying DNA structures. This is said to provide a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly way to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Inbuilt sensors analyse and map surroundings before each disinfection cycle begins, which means the robots can plan a route to avoid obstacles and minimise disinfection time.

The automated robots use UV-C light and ozone generation to disinfect the surrounding area

Furthermore, an inbuilt motion-sensing automatic detection system brings the robots to an immediate stop in the event they encounter humans, animals or any moving objects. Evolve Raybotix said this ensures a safe work environment and also protects the robots from damage.

Enzo Catenacci, co-founder of Raybotics NewCo, said: “Seeing daily infection rates rapidly increase meant bringing this product to market was time-critical.

“The team worked around the clock to deliver a solution in less than two months despite supply-chain challenges and swift onboarding of staff to facilitate speed.”

The robots have so far been introduced to a range of sectors including manufacturing, commercial cleaning, education, transport and healthcare.

Catenacci added: “Organisations are investing in these systems because they know they need to respond quickly to survive as a business. There is concern about the confidence and safety of the public and an obligation to do everything possible to support the recovery of our economy.”

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