Robots paint new two-tone Nissan Juke

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The new two-tone Nissan Juke has been painted by robots at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland.

The two-tone colours are fashioned at Nissan Design Europe in London before the painting process takes place in Nissan Sunderland’s four paint shops.

According to Nissan, the robots can work in measurements of less than a hair’s width to clear specifications, including how much paint to apply.

Following a cleaning regime to remove all dust, an electrocoat primer is applied. Nissan said this ensures durability and look by optimising every stage of the process from the dipping procedure, to the sealant and underbody paint application.

The teams worked for over a year on a trial process to ensure the accuracy of the painting before the first customer car was sprayed.

Clare Errington, paint shop manager at Nissan Sunderland, said: “The production line is a marriage between robots and humans who work in harmony to go above and beyond for our customers.

“The end result is the perfect combination of technological precision and craftsmanship in order to produce a stunning and distinctive Juke that reflects our customers’ tastes.”

Nissan has invested €111m (£101.5m) in the Juke including the four paint shops installed in Sunderland. The company said it has seen demand grow for the two-tone trend, with 30% of customers choosing the combination and therefore offer 15 two-tone options.

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