SEAT adds AMRs to smart connected factory

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Spanish carmaker SEAT is deploying autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its Martorell plant, as it continues to convert its facility into a “smarter, digitalised and increasingly connected factory”.

The two AMRs, supplied by French company Effidence, are designed to help and adapt to the needs of employees with tasks such as transporting parts.

This adoption of AMRs, called EffiBOTS, makes SEAT the first car manufacturer in Spain to use these robots.

SEAT’s vice-president for production and logistics Herbert Steiner, said: “Autonomous mobile robots place us at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector.

“They’re also a clear example of how robots can collaborate with employees to make their work easier. Their incorporation contributes to driving Industry 4.0 and making us more efficient, flexible, agile and competitive.”

In addition to the introduction of AMRs, the Martorell plant also features 20 collaborative robots in the assembly areas. The cobots are responsible for applying the lettering to the Ibiza and Arona models.

And as previously reported by Robotics & Innovation, the facility also features eight automated guided vehicles which use SLAM navigation (simultaneous localisation and mapping) technology, eliminating the need for magnetic guidance.

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