RARUK to distribute AutoGuide heavy-duty AMR tugs and forklifts

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RARUK Automation has become a distribution partner of AutoGuide Mobile Robots for the supply of modular, high-payload industrial autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to the UK.

Featuring built-in safety and protection equipment, the AMRs can tug or lift high payloads alongside established human and automated workforces.

Central to the new AutoGuide range is the MAX-N Base AMR with tugger and forked vehicle adapters. Developed for manufacturing and logistics, and proven within the automotive sector, the MAX-N tugger can haul loads up to 6,800kg.

Furthermore, the MAX-N pallet stacker can lift payloads of up to 1,200kg.

Ross Lacy, mobile robot product manager at RARUK Automation, said: “Our high payload AutoGuide Mobile Robots are cost-effective workhorses that require no magnetic or RFID infrastructure, making installation and upgrade easy processes.

“The AMR can fit seamlessly into any facility and be integrated easily with existing WMS, order management and inventory management applications.”

In a recent case study, highlighted in the above video, a fleet of eight AutoGuide AMRs travelled up to 60km (37 miles) per day, transported around 90 tonnes of goods and replaced 320km (200 miles) of forklift traffic before achieving ROI in less than two years.

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