New dual-purpose top module for Waypoint AMRs

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Waypoint Robotics has announced the launch of Kingpin, an automation top module that enables the company’s AMRs to automatically load and unload payloads and connect to a variety of carts.

With Kingpin, Vector, a 600 lb payload capacity AMR, or MAV3K, a 3,000 lb payload capacity AMR, can automatically pick up a tote on one side of a factory or warehouse, deliver it to the other side of the facility, and then connect to a cart on the way back to the starting point.

Kingpin enables workers to have their Waypoint AMRs autonomously load and unload materials and/or autonomously connect to common carts in factories and warehouses, allowing the AMRs to do the heavy lifting

The combined solutions offer autonomous navigation, omnidirectional movement, 3D perception, and 360-degree safety lasers.

Furthermore, the Waypoint Robotics’ Dispatcher software for robot setup and management is designed to make Vector, MAV3K and Kingpin easy to use for workers.

“Waypoint’s Kingpin is the first of its kind dual-purpose top module that enables Vector and MAV3K AMRs to automatically load and unload payloads as well as hitch onto carts of all sizes,” said Waypoint Robotics CEO, Jason Walker.

“Now you don’t have to dedicate a robot for one task or another, with Kingpin you can do both.”

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