MOV.AI partners with Ouster to equip AMRs with lidar for challenging warehouses

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Robotics engine platform provider MOV.AI has partnered with lidar sensors firm Ouster to equip autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with uninterrupted autonomy in intralogistics and industrial environments. 

MOV.AI has integrated Ouster digital lidar into its robotics engine platform for industrial equipment manufacturers that are looking to automate.

Ouster’s digital lidar provides AMRs with high-resolution data to accurately perceive the environment and accomplish specific tasks. The OS0 sensor’s ultra-wide vertical field-of-view allows AMRs to map the entire warehouse environment, from floor to ceiling, in real-time.

This data is then used in autonomy algorithms to help the AMR safely and efficiently navigate throughout the warehouse.

Combining Ouster’s high-resolution data with the MOV.AI robotics engine platform, advanced SLAM navigation, obstacle avoidance, and risk avoidance solutions, AMRs can operate efficiently and continuously in challenging warehouse environments, including:

  • Dynamic environments
  • Environments with little static information (features)
  • Environments with repeated structures

The MOV.AI ROS-based robotics engine platform provides AMR manufacturers and automation integrators with navigation, localisation, calibration, and the enterprise-grade tools they need for advanced automation. It includes a visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE), off-the-shelf algorithms and integrations, fleet management, flexible interfaces with warehouse environments such as ERP and WMS, and cyber-security compliance.

“MOV.AI’s mission is to speed up robot development and to provide AMR manufacturers and integrators with everything they need to develop and operate great robots,” said Motti Kushnir, MOV.AI’s CEO.

“Through our partnership with Ouster, we are able to offer our customers autonomy solutions that work seamlessly in environments with a limited field-of-view and physical features.”

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