InOrbit supports MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Standard

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InOrbit, cloud-based robot operation platform company, has announced its fully compatible with robots that implement the recently announced MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Standard and is helping robotics companies become standard-compliant.

The standard allows autonomous vehicles of different types to share information about robots speed, location, direction, health, tasking/availability and other performance characteristics.

InOrbit has joined MassRobotics as a member and has already made contributions to the standard, which is available as an open-source project. In addition, InOrbit released open-source components to help other companies become standards compliant.

InOribit added support for further interoperability standards such as VDA-5050 is already in the works, making it effortless to connect robots to the cloud.

Any compliant robot can connect to InOrbit for fleet-wide visibility and management, offering companies deploying robots the ability to orchestrate the work of large numbers of AMRs regardless of robot vendor.

“At InOrbit, our mission is to maximise the potential of every robot through RobOps best practices and technology,” said Florian Pestoni, CEO of InOrbit.

“Third-party logistics, parcel delivery and warehouse operators need to orchestrate robots performing different tasks, and interoperability across robot vendors is one piece of that puzzle. Now customers can connect any compatible robot to the InOrbit cloud.”

Besides making contributions to the MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Standard, InOrbit has implemented the ability to connect robots that support the MassRobotics-AMR-Sender protocol to the InOrbit cloud platform without the need to install any additional software on the robots.

According to the company, this allows manufacturers and adopters of compliant AMRs to benefit from RobOps best practices, including conducting operational monitoring of a diverse fleet within minutes, tracking robots’ health and incidents in real-time, leveraging integration with incident management platforms, and understanding behaviour with the recently released Time Capsule capability.

In addition, InOrbit has released an open-source, configuration-based ROS2 package for sending MassRobotics AMR Interop Standard messages to compliant receivers. Robot developers can now make ROS2 robots compatible and connect to any MassRobotics AMR Interop receiver, including but not limited to InOrbit, using publicly available packages and a custom configuration file.

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