IAM Robotics showcases patented AMR battery technology

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Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) developer IAM Robotics has revealed details about its patented AMR battery technology, which is designed to provide enhanced power, autonomy, and ease of use in industrial facilities.

Its newest robot Bolt is equipped with a field-replaceable lithium battery that can be hot swapped without downtime, has battery status messaging capabilities, uses simplified robot operations for low charge situations, and has lower energy mechanical systems.

Though the robot functions with a primary replaceable battery, it also comes with a permanent short-life onboard backup. Bolt’s main 95 lb lithium battery is reportedly three and a half times larger than those found in similar AMRs. It has up to 20 hours of runtime and can be charged to 80% capacity within two hours. A charge sensor works with a circuit to receive data about the battery’s total remaining power.

Additionally, Bolt’s internal computer processors receive and respond to state-of-charge data. When battery power is low, its processors send that information to a central server for navigation instructions or altered work tasks. Based on its available power, Bolt’s programming can command it to alter its navigation or stop work entirely to either preserve energy or get a charged battery.

When it needs to recharge, Bolt self-navigates to the charging area on reserve power from the onboard battery, which maintains power to the robot so users don’t have to turn it off. Featuring autonomous charging capabilities, the AMR can drive itself to a battery-swap area where, within 10 seconds, an operator removes the depleted battery to charge it and inserts a charged one.

Featuring rails on either side of the battery cavity, a new battery can be pushed in. According to IAM Robotics, this design provides a system for the battery to be elevated off the ground when it’s pushed into place.

An IAM Robotics spokesperson said: “Robotic automation is filled with all sorts of moving parts that work behind the scenes to make your life easier. Sometimes that means incorporating proprietary tech to create best-of-the-best solutions.

“IAM Robotics uses patented AMR battery technology to provide enhanced power, autonomy, and ease of use. Bolt detects and communicates its state of charge, travels to a battery swap area, and requests a new battery to keep you productive.”

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