Geek+ and WSR Solutions launch smart palletising solution

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Chinese AMR developer Geek+ has announced the launch of a new solution for smart mixed case palletising, co-developed with WSR Solutions, a provider of intelligent warehouse management tools.

The solution combines Geek+ AMRs and WSR’s intelligent palletising algorithm to help warehouse operators systematically handle the processing of multiple outbound orders in an efficient, safe, and flexible way.

Lit Fung, vice president of APAC, UK and the Americas, Geek+, said: “We are thrilled to work together with WSR Solutions to provide a tool that targets every aspect of the outbound logistics process, from how goods are stored and moved around the warehouse to how pallets are stacked, streamlining processes by eliminating the need for re-palletisation, and optimising overall space utilisation.”

Based on real-time demand, Geek+ AMRs optimise the movement of ordered goods between the storage area and picking station. At the picking station, WSR’s intelligent algorithm support warehouse operators to stack cases of varying weight, height, width, and so on in an optimal way, allowing operators to not only modernise logistics processes inside the warehouse but ensure agile supply chains through the efficient use of truck space.

Marcel van Schijndel, CEO of WSR Solutions, said: “Together with Geek+ we provide a full framework for the changing market requirements. Innovative mixed palletising solutions that in effect serve one single goal: to optimise the customer’s supply chain with efficient, flexible, and affordable automation solutions.”

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