ForwardX unveils AMR range for warehousing and manufacturing

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ForwardX Robotics, a developer of AI-powered autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has launched six new models for materials handling within production and warehousing facilities.  

Unveiled last month, the Max 300 Lift Lite, Max 300 Conveyor, Max 600 Conveyor, Max 1200 Standard, Max 1200 Lift, and Max 1200 Conveyor use sensor fusion to make sense of data collected from 2D and 3D cameras, 360° lidar coverage and inertial measurement units.

According to ForwardX, the AMRs can navigate autonomously through facilities and adapt to dynamic environments by avoiding obstacles and adjusting routes as needed. 

Designed to work as part of a wider fleet, the AMRs feature an inbuilt machine learning software system to group, assign, and dispatch tasks across the fleet.

Nicolas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics, said: “We understand that the manufacturing industry is a complex one with a variety of circumstances and pain points specific to each manufacturer.

“We recognise the huge opportunities to add value to production facilities and our new robots aim to meet the needs of all manufacturers no matter what their production floor looks like.”

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