DB Schenker introduces its first logistics robot in Czech Republic

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A new autonomous mobile robot (AMR) has been introduced to a contract logistics site, around 120km from Prague, by supply chain management company DB Schenker.

The AMR, named MiR Hook 200, from Danish technology company Mobile Industrial Robots, will detect and transport trolleys. Deployed in cooperation with Czech autonomous robot distributor Dreamland, the robot is equipped with a 3D camera and laser scanner to read QR codes enabling it to automatically identify trolleys loaded with items ready for pick up. It will also transport empty trolleys back to the storage area.

MiR Hook 200 helps to detect and transport trolleys

According to DB Schenker, the AMR has a towing payload of up to 500kg and can avoid both moving and stationary objects, adjusting its route independently. This means it can be implemented quickly without infrastructure changes.

Furthermore, the MiR has exchangeable add-ons to meet changing requirements of warehouses. Programming is performed through an intuitive user interface eliminating the need for a dedicated technician.

Tomáš Holomoucký, DB Schenker’s managing director for the Czech Republic, said: “I am extremely pleased we have successfully implemented our first robot in our regular operations in the Czech Republic.

“Autonomous solutions such as this will enable us to optimise our logistics processes and relieve our staff by taking over simple warehouse tasks. We are proud to be driving innovation and building the warehouse of the future for our customers.”

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