UK start-up debuts robotic warehouse system at IntraLogisteX

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British robotics company BotsAndUs, known for their retail and travel service solutions, is launching an automation and data collection system for the logistics sector at this year’s IntraLogisteX event, taking place 01 – 02 July at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

The start-up said while e-commerce is booming like never before, the logistics industry is facing a real struggle that is costing millions of pounds per warehouse every year. The main cause for this is the lack of a system or process to efficiently measure, track and find stock quickly so it can be processed throughout the facility as efficiently as possible.

BotsAndUs has developed a system designed to provide data collection that helps logistics companies boost the productivity of their hubs by capturing real-time insights using autonomous, mobile robots to quickly measure, track and find goods without complex infrastructure changes.

The robots are built to move around the assets to record the dimensions and condition of each pallet arriving and leaving the warehouse as well as navigate the entire space to scan items on shelves and spaces, giving a real time view of a pallet’s journey throughout the depot.

According to the IntraLogisteX exhibitor, this supports teams to recover revenue, insurance claims as well as optimise traffic and workflows. It also helps the operators who simply lack the time to manually measure, track and search for goods throughout the warehouse and ensure space utilisation is maximised on shelves and when assets are packaged for outbound.

Andrei Danescu, CEO BotsAndUs, said: “The current trends clearly indicate that the future of logistics has to be digital and fully automated in order to succeed.

“BotsAndUs is committed to supporting the industry on that journey. Our state of the art autonomous robotics platforms and computer vision will revolutionise acceptance and tracking processes in warehouses.”

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