MusashiAI launches ‘robotic employment agency’

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MusashiAI, a joint venture between Israel’s SixAI and Japan’s Musashi Seimitsu, has launched two autonomous robots that can be hired hourly or by task via a so-called ‘robotic employment agency’.

The commercial model is being heralded as unique by MusashiAI, which claims it provides industrial employers with a viable labour sourcing alternative to purchasing robots as machines.

Designed to undertake strenuous and repetitive work in industry 4.0-enabled factories, the new forklift and visual inspection AI-controlled robots are currently being tested at a number of Musashi Seimitsu’s auto parts manufacturing plants.

Based on artificial intelligence and cutting-edge optics, the visual inspector is able to identify defects in manufacturing lines

The Visual Quality Control Inspector can reportedly identify defects in manufacturing lines in under two seconds with higher than 98% accuracy, while the Fully Autonomous Forklift Driver has been developed to perform a variety of logistics tasks previously limited to human forklift drivers.

Ran Poliakine, founder and chairman of SixAI, said: “Our robot employment agency is a game changer. It will provide capacity in markets that struggle with labour availability either through the difficulty of the work itself or the cost pressures they face.

“By offering hourly or task related salary rates, our autonomous robotic AI employees are easy to plan for and integrate in any factory workflow.”

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