Cogniteam raises US$4.2m to launch AI drag-and-drop programme

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Cogniteam, AI software development company, and Robotics & Automation 2021 exhibitor, has raised US$4.2m (£3m) to further develop its drag-and-drop programming for advanced robotics.

Cogniteam has developed an AI, cloud-based robot programming and automation system, for the development, maintenance, control, and deployment of robot fleets. The company said its solution will enable the acceleration of the coming robotic revolution.

Yehuda Elmaliah, CEO and co-founder of Cogniteam, said: “These funds will go towards finalising the last parts of our technology and bringing our product to market.”

This latest funding round was led by Seabarn Management and an investment group from the UK-based Panthera private office.

“Cogniteam’s leadership has over a decade of experience working on cutting edge robotics technologies,” noted Andrew Owens, founder & CEO of Seabarn Management.

“Their operating system will allow software developers and mechanical engineers to work in tandem, reducing development time and changing the efficiency at which industries develop robots today.”

Cogniteam aims to cut the development time and cost of new robotic applications, which currently stands at approximately six years, by delivering a single program that will take into account the full lifecycle of a robot’s development and operation.

Its cloud-based robotics operating system is based on technology proven in field-tested robots, that Cogniteam has developed over the past 11 years.

According to the company, its software will save businesses thousands of hours of programming and testing time. Its platform is open to companies and individuals who want to develop robots based on pre-built customisable software packages. Users can benefit from launching projects based on ready-made software bundles, allowing even the largest enterprises to leapfrog common foundational programming challenges.

Cogniteam (Stand 108) will be at Robotics and Automation 2021 on 02-03 November at the Coventry Building Society Arena. For more details, go to

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