AI technology used to create intelligent EV battery

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InoBat Auto has unveiled a so-called intelligent battery that combines AI and High Throughput (HTP) technology to increase operational range in electric vehicles.

According the energy R&D company, its intelligent battery is the first of its kind and can increase an EV’s operational range by almost 20%.

InoBat Auto is using AI-driven research into battery cell chemistry to unlock the potential of electric vehicles providing long-term sustainable solutions for the automotive market.

InoBat will open its battery R&D centre in Slovakia next year.

The battery is being developed at InoBat’s AI-driven facility in Slovakia, which aims to build Europe’s first battery-cell R&D centre for prototype cell manufacturing by late 2021.

The Gigafactory is expected to expand overall manufacturing capacity to 10GWh by 2024.

Marian Bocek, CEO, InoBat Auto, said: “Thanks to our patented technology led-approach, which combines AI and HTP technology, InoBat’s road to discovery for new battery chemistries is 10 times faster compared to that of a traditional lab.

“Building better batteries requires constant testing and the optimisation of each stage in the development process, and our technology-led approach to accelerate this process is unique. No other battery-cell maker has the technology to discover and develop battery chemistries as quickly as InoBat.”

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