Naïo Technologies plans unsupervised work of robots in 2022

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Manufacturer of autonomous agricultural robot Naïo Technologies is set to trial its robots unsupervised this Spring.

It will deploy Dino, which is dedicated to weed in large-scale vegetable fields, and Ted, designed to operate in vineyards, across Europe in 2022.

Both systems have been fitted with safety systems to enable unsupervised use, with the aim of addressing labour shortages by automating a range of farming tasks.

Ted is designed to be an alternative to the use of herbicides in vineyards

“Real autonomy, as requested by our clients, means being able to leave the robot to work alone in a field in order to get on with tasks with a higher added value”, explains Matthias Carrière, commercial director of Naïo Technologies.

“The challenge lies in delegating a simple, repetitive task to your robot, just in the same way you would leave a robot vacuum cleaner or a robot lawnmower to do its work.”

The robotic systems will also allow farmers to collect data and the company is working to develop an AI reporting tool.

“This future software brick will allow the robot to continually adjust and improve its work,” added Clément Fraisier-Vannier, software engineering director, Naïo Technologies.

“It therefore becomes more autonomous and intelligent, allowing the farmer to check the quality and/or progress of the work carried out in order to develop the trust between him or her and the machine and give the peace of mind of a job well done.”

The company also intends to expand its current range throughout 2022.

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