Tuesday 25th Feb 2020 - Robotics and Innovation

Inventory robot to be rolled out at 1,000 Walmart stores

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Bossa Nova Robotics has announced plans to bring its shelf-scanning inventory robot to 1,000 Walmart stores in the USA.

As reported by techcrunch.com, the plan adds an additional 650 locations, increasing its current number of 350.

This represents a relatively big order for the robotic solutions start-up, which was founded in Pittsburgh in 2005.

The company announced its first deal with Walmart in 2017, starting with just 50 robots.

The six-foot-tall robot does not have any arms so it cannot perform pick and place functions that other companies are attempting to bring out.

It also means that the robot is not designed to directly replace the task of manually restocking. Instead, it can supplement or replace inventory tasks.

The robot scans the shelves for missing items and then sends that information back to a central computer. This will in turn enable employees to find the right product to replace on the shelf.

The delivery of these robots, which will be serviced by NCR Corp, is scheduled to be completed this summer.