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The first autonomous cleaning range is here, to collaborate with and work alongside your cleaning teams.

Many organisations are now introducing autonomous equipment as part of their regular cleaning activities as these machines provide the guaranteed proof of clean that is now being demanded in many sectors.

This equipment is easy to integrate into daily cleaning operations as the machines are designed to work alongside cleaning teams and support with repetitive tasks, whilst providing guaranteed and consistent cleaning results. The ICE Co-Botics autonomous cleaning machines are as close to human activity as anything available. They are extremely intelligent and can be fully operated, controlled, and managed by the teams on site.

These machines are safe, consistent, and easy to map and control. Not only that, they are kind to the environment, with integrated water recycling capabilities and long run times (up to five hours). They also come with a fully integrated telemetry system, which provides detailed reporting on a clean by clean basis.

Plus, a new addition to the range, the ICE Eco Bot 50 Sanitiser, cleans the floor and sanitises the environment simultaneously. Not only that, it can charge, drain, and refill water tanks all by itself, meaning 24-hour operation with minimal human interaction.

Co-Botics can be simply and easily incorporated into existing or new cleaning operations in almost any kind of environment – warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, commercial, transport, healthcare, retail, hotels, hospitality and many more.

The World Economic Forum predicts automation will lead to job creation and enhance opportunities for people within cleaning, not hinder them. It’s not about replacing people, it’s about embracing technology to deliver higher cleaning standards, infection control and ‘proof of clean’.

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