Tuesday 25th Feb 2020 - Robotics and Innovation

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Robotics and Automation 2019 show review

At twice the size of last year’s show, Robotics and Automation 2019 played host to a greater, more diverse mix of solution providers showcasing the very latest and next-generation technologies, products and services to more end-user visitors than before.

Ten of the best!

From humanoid ice cream attendants and flying fish to origami-inspired grippers, John Thornton rounds up the 10 most innovative robotics and automation technologies released so far this year…

Ready or not, here they come

Robots have been used in manufacturing since the 1970s, but what’s life like beyond the warehouse? Maria Highland gets to grips with the latest robotic innovations making an impact on wider society…

Keep on truckin’

With their ability to travel vast distances quicker and safer than current means, driverless trucks have the potential to transform how global supply chains operate. But just how close are we to seeing these vehicles operating on public roads? Alisdair Suttie attempts to find out…